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YouTube targets crypto assets. The ban continues

The list of small channels that seem not to respect the rules of the American giant is getting longer and longer The post YouTube targets crypto assets. The ban continues appeared first on The Cryptonomist.

42 minutes ago


The blockchain explained by the Simpsons

The most recent episode of the series talked about a phantom new cryptocurrency The post The blockchain explained by the Simpsons appeared first on The Cryptonomist.

58 minutes ago


In Defense of Justin Sun

People mock Justin Sun and TRON. But, by several metrics, it's a successful business. Time to get over the snobbery, says VC Alexander Blum.

1 hour ago


Central Bankers From Canada, Netherlands, Ukraine Call Blockchain Unnecessary for Digital Fiat

Central bank digital currencies have been a hot topic in blockchain circles recently, but central banks are lukewarm about blockchains.

2 hours ago


Assemblywoman Introduces Digital Asset and Blockchain Technology Act

A new bill introduced by a NJ assemblywoman would make it illegal for crypto firms to operate in the state without a business license

2 hours ago


Bitcoin’s Potential to Benefit the African-American Community

Cryptocurrency is rapidly becoming accepted by more people in the United States. Will African-Americans be the next group to benefit?

3 hours ago


On EOS Blockchain, Vote Buying Is Business as Usual

Buying votes is a big no-no in traditional democracies, but on the world’s eighth-largest blockchain it’s become an accepted way of doing business.

4 hours ago


Japan the Next Country to Mint a Digital Currency?

China is well on its way to adopting a government-sanctioned digital currency. Will Japan be next?

5 hours ago


Bitcoin Price Rebounds but CME Gap & $10.3K Remain Big Obstacles

Traders appear hesitant to buy Bitcoin below $10K as the CME gap at $9,740 weakens expectations that the price could set a higher high above $10.3K

11 hours ago


Bitcoin’s Bullish Battle, Ethereum 2.0, BCH Faces ‘Slow Death’: Hodler’s Digest, Feb. 17–23

In this week’s Hodler’s Digest, BTC’s two scenarios in the week ahead, new details about plans for Ethereum 2.0, and CZ talks about the upcoming Bitcoin halving

12 hours ago


How Traders Can Use Twitter to Anticipate Bitcoin Price Moves, Volume

Tracking the number of Bitcoin-related tweets can help predict future trading volume

13 hours ago


The State of Blockchain: Experts Weigh in on Adoption Around the World

Despite challenges, experts are bullish on blockchain’s prospects around the world: “Once people truly understand its vast potential, I believe wide-scale adoption of blockchain will occur”

14 hours ago