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We accept a variety of payment methods such as the following:
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Paypal
If you are interested in trying CryptoUnify before purchasing a full license, try our free 15-days license.
No, there is no Trading Fees charged on individual trades. Users can place as many Orders as allowed in his subscription plan without any further fees.
First of all, try to remember if you saved secret key 2FA somewhere. If you've managed to recover it, create a new account in 2FA app using this key. After that, sign in to your account using 2FA generated key on this account.
If you don't have a secret 2FA keycode or it is not valid for some reason, contact our support by email at
All API KEYS entered by users are communicated to our backend server over SSL. Means there is no possibility of MIM Attack.
  • 2FA can be enabled by the user to have an extra layer of security
  • All orders are executed on the backend server only keeping each user's session completely isolated from each other
  • We have our private proxy to bypass API LIMIT Restrictions put by exchanges
  • All keys are securely stored using AES 256-bit encryption in the key repository database
  • A firewall is used to further tighten the security
We are constantly working towards the implementation of best security standards and it is of paramount importance to us.


Simply go to the PORTFOLIO menu, then on sub menu "Add Exchange", choose which exchange you want to link from the list and enter your Api Key. To find your Api Key, just go to the account section of the exchange.
Simply go to the PORTFOLIO menu, then on sub menu "Add Wallet", choose which blockchain you want to link from the list, and enter the wallet's address.
All the exchanges present in the list. We are constantly working to add new exchanges. If you wish us to add an exchange that is not present in the list, please contact us by email.
We are connected with the major blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Doge and Zcash). We are constantly working to improve the service and add new features.


Of course! With yours Api Key we can only read the information and nothing else. For security reasons, we suggest you to uncheck the "withdrawal" on yours Api Key permissions.
Nothing! Because it is not possible to manage or transfer your funds through our site.
It will no longer be possible to keep your updated information.
Yes, but for a better experience, we suggest to create a new Api Key for each service that requires it.


The Total Total Loss is the weighted average on the amount of all the Stop Losses associated with the order you have filled out. It then indicates the total loss expected if they were to be carried out. In the event that you set only one Stop Loss, the Total Loss will reflect the values of that one Stop Loss.
The total Total Profit is the weighted average of the amount of all the Profit Take associated with the order you filled out. It then indicates the total expected profit, if they should be carried out. In case you set only one Take Profit, the Total Profit will reflect the values of that single Take Profit.
The Trailing Stop is an advanced tool used in trading, in order to automatically move the Stop Loss level to each new price increase (in the case of Buy), from the time the order is executed, maintaining the range (distance between the maximum and the Stop Loss in) indicated by the trader. In practice it will be enough to set one or more Stop Loss on an order, enable the Trailing Stop and after the order will be executed on the market, CryptoUnify will update the Stop Loss level to your advantage whenever the price goes in the direction you indicated.
Risk / Reward is a report that compares the risk undertaken by the trader against the expected gain. RR = 1:2 means that the trader is risking 1 to earn 2, so the expected profit is 2 times the risk, in other words by giving an example we could say that he is risking 5% Stop Loss for a 10% Take Profit, the gain is double the risk therefore 1:2.
It is calculable only if both Stop Loss and Take Profit are present and these complete 100% of the order amount. For example, make an order with 1 TP and 1 SL, the latter at 100% of the order amount while the TP only 70% because you want to leave 30% of the trade to follow the trend, here, in this case, the RR will not be calculated by virtue of the fact that the position will not be completely closed so the total expected profit of the trade is not known.
This can occur if you have set up Stop-Loss and Take-Profit on multiple orders on the same quote currency, ie you have executed SELL orders on ETH / USDT, BTC / USDT and ADA / USDT, now all Stop- Associated Loss and Take-Profits will draw on your USDT balance to be executed, so it may happen that your USDT balance runs out before all orders are executed, making it impossible to execute the rest. For this you will see an icon next to these orders to indicate that it was not possible to execute that or those orders, because the balance was not enough, you will also receive an email to warn you.
Return of Investment is a value expressed as a percentage, which indicates the gain/loss achieved with a trade. A ROI of 20% indicates a profit and therefore an increase of 20% of the capital with which the trade was executed.
In this table, you can see all your closed positions (therefore with SL and TP executed) and all the open positions which however do not have SL and TP set or which in any case have not affected 100% of the trade's amount. In this case, therefore, you may see some dynamic ROIs that therefore change in value when the price changes and other fixed ROIs, which do not change. This is because if the trade was completely closed with the execution of TP and SL involving 100% of the capital, the ROI will be calculated as a weighted average on the amount of the various TP and SL that affected the order.
No, if your order is still waiting to be executed, you can cancel it and create a new one. Do you think that changing pending orders is a necessary function? Write to us, by clicking here at the bottom right on "HELP"!
When in real order you place a "Limit" order either through CryptoUnify or directly on the exchange, you are queued in the exchange order book together with all other orders for that particular price. It may, therefore, happen that although the price has actually reached the level you indicated, the market does not have the liquidity to satisfy all orders or your entire order, therefore these will be executed in priority order based on the date of inclusion in the orders book, thus giving priority to orders entered first.
This wording may appear if the amount or the price of a Stop Loss or Take Profit is lower than the limit imposed by the exchange for that pair. Let's take an example; You would like to execute a BUY type order in Binance a Mercato on BTC / USDT, fill in the "Total" order field by clicking on "MIN" then CryptoUnify inserts the minimum that can be purchased in USDT for Binance which corresponds to 10 USDT (as you will notice the value entered it will be slightly higher, this to give a minimum margin and avoid the order being refused), now continue to compile going to insert a Stop Loss, set the price a 5% lower, this means that the Stop Loss will have to start at a lower price than the current one therefore also selling 100% of the order you would get back less than 10 USDT, for Binance it would be like if you wanted to make a SELL where the "Total" of the order is less than 10 USDT for that the order does not will be executed. The same thing could happen on the “Amount” side, let's go back to the example above but now the percentage of the price is 0.2% so it falls within the Binance limits, but 50% is set as the “Amount” for the order, as before then the order quantity / price does not respect the limit imposed by the exchange, therefore the order will not be executed. CryptoUnify makes preventive checks during the completion of the order, therefore this eventuality should not occur, we report it anyway for clarity and correctness.


It is the sum of all the capitalizations of the Cryptos on our list, considering the filters you chose!
It is the set of data coming from all the platforms, excluding duplicates.
Every 15 minutes. In the future it will be possible that this timeout will change. We are constantly working to improve the platform and offer a better service.
For this and other questions, we refer you to the dedicated pages of their site. You can find this information on:
They don't calculate it, but we personally do it, with their data.
For this and other questions, we refer you to the dedicated pages of their site. You can find this information on: