Testing Process - Terms and Conditions - CryptoUnify

CryptoUnify user testing aim for improvement

As CryptoUnify is still at the beginning of becoming the best version of itself and we really value the feedback of our users we have decided to gather a representative amount of test users who will test our platform for free and after report to us by taking a short survey.

In order to get quality feedback, we need our users to be familiar with trading cryptocurrencies.

After the test use of CryptoUnify platform (we will monitor if enough actions have been made) and after the conducted survey the test user will be paid 100k Satoshi (approx. $9).

Our conditions for the user to get paid is that the user conducts enough actions within the platform and that the user answers our survey.

By enough actions we mean:

  • for the user to conduct at least 5 orders (with Stop Loss and/or Take Profit and/or Trailing Stop) – DEMO or REAL Trading with Binance API
  • to create their portfolio (one with API Key from an Exchange and one blockchain Wallet)
  • to check other sections

After the application process is finished, we will decide which users to test with, based on how many people will apply and based on the competences.

If you are interested to participate or just have some additional questions please message us on Telegram or email us at ana.sercer@cryptounify.io.